About Us

Bader aluminum is a plant which has existed since 1978 and specializes in the manufacture of window and doors standard and special, our expertise and knowledge are the product of learning and investing in long-standing formal studies, courses, training and seminars in the country and abroad. Bader Aluminum is one of the aluminum plant oldest in the country most advanced lines production of new and diverse verifying that an investment in workers, machinery and technology is the secret of long term success of our. business agreements with suppliers seniority, our fairness and financial strength has created over time a special relationship between us and our suppliers, not as a customer and supplier, but as a relationship partner. system this enhances collaboration, shorten lead times, reduce costs, and reduces costs which benefited from the final customer of Badr aluminum. special support for regular customers and contractors repeat customers is the secret of our success., we believe that a contractor or client invites us have to download all the concerns head-related aluminum where Badr aluminum worry about picking up the project according to plan professionalism, quality and schedules are accurate. assistance to all planning / architect / supervisor consulting department studies and updated companies in Israel and abroad, all related to windows, doors, Iron Works and solutions openings, from this information, we find the best efficient, and high-quality knowledge transfer planners and stakeholders. Counseling Department will provide handouts, Autocad files, sections, details and examples of the windows. Responsibility upon delivery of each project for him this time following the start of the project to that client, we believe that the quality of service and response time, this is one of the most important things. Aluminum entertain any product suitable for all opened, users profiles and best hardware available, so no worries give a 3 year warranty (subject to the agreement of responsibility). Working standards according to the requirements of the Standard, and apply according to the required standards and in accordance with ISO9001 standard business collaboration business partnerships are strategically important to us for the purpose of development and progress in the aluminum industry. We will be happy to answer any suggestion welcomed Muhammad Jabbarin CEO